It all started when I dreamt of the project; Swasthya Nepal. The aggression to blossom the better health prospect all over Nepal which was of course Swasthya Nepal, was aimed to flourish the education that culminated the Internet Technology and how to better usage of IT sector as it had already thrived in at most of the countries worldwide. The idea led to the beginning of NEXT GROUP OF COMPANIES, where NEXT AUSSIE TECH (NAT) served as a dedicated IT company for the Swasthya Nepal project. NEXT GROUP OF COMPANIES was established with intent to eradicate the hardships and menaces that the Nepali market was and is facing in the digital world till date.

NEXT AUSSIE TECH proffers at most of the IT amenities for the individual or business that tend to pursue their recognition and welfare in today’s digital market. Nevertheless, determined to surpass the present market scenario and transcend it, the assurance of the top of the line quality service for those who seek our assistance is our prime goal.



We seek to deliver a better tomorrow as a trusted partner to our clients, embodying the values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity.We have only one objective: to ensure our clients mission objectives are achieved with the highest level of capability and assurance, and at the lowest possible cost

Most importantly, we have a reputation for delivering what we promise- projects that contribute to the betterment of IT communities everywhere and make IT sector more effiient.More importantly, the strength of our company allows us to always be there for our communities, and this commitment enables us to continually invest in building for the future in IT sector.



We are trying to provide our clients with a better tomorrow, as a trusted partner, that includes the values ​​of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity. at the lowest possible cost Most importantly, we have a reputation for delivering on what we promise - projects that contribute to the improvement of IT communities everywhere and make the IT sector more efficient. Moreover, the power of our company allows us to always be there for our communities and our commitment allows us to continuously invest in building the future in the IT sector.

Next Aussie Tech is one of the flourishing IT firm that was established internationally in Australia in the year 2012. Digitally marketing in Nepal since 2016, the firm has actively been grooming its paradigm in Information technology till date. Successful in serving up to 400+ clients on Social Media Management and 500+ clients on Website Development and Management on approximate, the firm has recognized itself as one of the potential IT outlooks in the digital industry of Nepal. Intending to build a bigger and greater digital Nepal, the firm has set its own benchmark in the growing IT field with the specializations and spectacular work history that remain intact and go hand in hand with the customer’s obligatory.

Our mission is to rectify the hurdles that an individual or business undergoes when supplicating the mandatory IT requisites and direct them to acquire the absolute IT solution that the firm assures to the fullest.




Our vision is to flourish the absolute IT solutions nationwide and entitle an individual or business to the beneficiaries that they can embellish and obtain the futuristic intents that go hand in hand at ease.


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