It companies in Nepal

IT companies in Nepal and their applications

  •   Oct 3,2019
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A few years back, IT companies used to be a dream for many, a vague concept maybe. There were few IT companies in Nepal who were making a name for themselves providing different services that were slightly confusing to the general public. With time, people have begun to understand the importance of technologies in education, business and in almost every sector. At the same time, new technological courses also were introduced in the curriculum of higher studies which fascinated many young minds as well. All these positive approaches towards technology helped to build a concept about the use of technologies in digital marketing. As these concepts started getting clearer, IT companies in Nepal began to be seen in overwhelming numbers.


As time went by, Nepal witnessed a humongous rise in the number of IT companies with common goals of providing digital marketing technologies but with varied scales. Some companies showed rapid growth while others were struggling for existence. More of these cases were seen in startup companies where friends or colleagues registered IT companies in order to work as a team. While some of them developed to be productive IT companies, others failed miserably.

Every other emerging technology has its own boon and curse. Clients were happy that their products or business were reaching out to people of different corners of Nepal. They were able to provide an online service platform. At the same time, some clients felt cheated as they were not being provided with the services, they were promised with. Gradually reports started to come in that many IT companies in Nepal had fled away or stopped their services.         


Future prospects of IT companies in Nepal

It is overwhelming to witness many IT companies in Nepal represents our Nation in big projects. They have helped to launch big e-commerce platforms, payment platforms, and whatnot. These companies have made our nation proud in the sense that they have mapped our nation in IT prevalent nations as well. They have also motivated young minds to invest their time and energy into the technological field. It is of no surprise that within a few years to come, IT companies in Nepal will make tremendous advancements and will help to bring economic development with their contribution to different aspects of our Nation. It is upon the general public to wisely choose an IT company that can understand the client’s goal and work accordingly to achieve them.