Website Design in Nepal,Website UI/UX Design in Nepal

Website UI/UX Design in Nepal

  •   Feb 26,2020
  • 2088

Skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites is known as web design. Web design includes building websites and topics. It is a virtual aesthetics and page layout of a website. It goes with web development in the creation of a static website or dynamic web application.

There is a huge need of competent web designers with up-to-date skills. The web designers process starts with a visual concept, which you can sketch by the hand or with software like photoshop. HTML and CSS is also used to build the website. We must pay attention to the concepts like responsive design, aesthetics, usability and accessibility when building a site. Responsive design is a popular technique for making websites look good and function well an additional device like phones & tablets. Aesthetics plays a big role in web design, its all about how web pages look. Usability is the another important component which helps to know about the users and find what they wants.  

   Web design should br made in such a way that produce a good result.