Android App Development

Android app development are often an excellent way to turn your idea into reality or start a promising career as an app developer during which getting started is perhaps easier then you think. Lately Android Development is completed with a tool called "Android studio". It's quite just like the Microsoft words of writing Android apps. It helps organize our projects and provides us a user friendly thanks to create what we're trying to find.

The first piece of an app is that the layout which describes how the app should look. The layouts are created by combining different types of views, at its most basic a view is just a rectangular area on the screen but there are views that contain text, views that act as buttons and even views for holding other views and by combining all these different types of views we can make pretty much anything. The other piece of app is the activity, which is basically the code behind the layout. It's where you tell your buttons what to do.

We can create the layout by dragging and dropping views where we can also delete views by selecting them and then hitting backspace. In the Android App Development we put views inside another view which is called a constraint layout that lets us position the views inside by using constraints which helps creating a layout super simple.

Here's the listing of the must-know tools to become Associate in Android App Developer:

1.Java: the foremost basic building block of automaton development is that the artificial language Java.

2.Android Software Development Kit and automaton Studio



Android App Development